CB Global

 The following are the notes of CBGlobal since it's first meeting (which can be seen on the history page.) 

2nd CB Global Conference
October 17-20 2006  
Bali, INdonesia

Charting the Course


Affirming our common heritage, faith and desire to live for the praise of God's glory, and recognizing the opportunities that communication technology provide for the local church to be more strategically involved in global missions, we, the delegates of the 2nd CBGiobal conference, do make these commitments.

  • We will engage our churches to pray for the cares, concerns, activities and aspirations of other CB national associations and fellowships of churches. We will seek to inform and be informed that we may conscientiously intercede for one another.
  • We renew our commitment to mutually support and encourage each other that we may build up each of our national associations and fellowships of churches to be effective servants of the local churches.
  • Compelled by the compassion of Christ, we will cause our local churches to Intentionally bring the gospel, make disciples, and see a multiplication of churches and transformation of communities among the least evangelized peoples (LEP's) of the world as we are committed to do likewise to our own nations. Our mutual fellowship must translate Into active service of the LEP's.
  • We will deliberately pursue ministry among the Immigrants In each of our own countries as well as those who have emigrated from us. We will share our expertise and our network of relationships with each other that we may effectively accomplish this task.
  • In humble recognition of our diversity as nations and peoples, we commit to listen carefully to each other and learn from one another in the pursuit of a stronger bond of unity.

We further commit ourselves to ensure the implementation of the partnership commitments forged between churches and associations In the conference, as follows:

1. The Hong Kong CB Association (HKCB), the CB Association of Japan (Dome!) and CB Association of thePhilippines (CBAP) will be raising and sending missionaries and short-term ministry teams to the LEP's in Indonesia serving alongside and with the leadership of CB Association of Indonesia (PIBI); CB of Macau intends to participate In this mission endeavor co-operating with HKCB.

2. HKCB will be sending short-term ministry teams to Japan and likewise receive missionaries and short-term teams from Dome! and CBAP as well.

3. PIBI seeks to build capacity and will explore partnership with other members of CBGlobal to send workers among the LEP's outside Indonesia preferably of Muslim background countries.

4. Domie seeks partnership with some CB America local churches for the exposure, training and mentoring of Japanese pastors.

S. CB Macau invites short-term ministers to serve in their city-state to reach the students. Domie has made a commitment to send a missionary to Macau. Moreover, CBAP commits to renew exploration of ministry among Filipino migrants in Macau in partnership with CBMacau.

6. CBAP and CBA have agreed to partner in starting churches among the Filipino migrants in the US.

7. We affirm the Initiative of Greenhills Christian Fellowship (GCF), a member church of CBAP to establish an International church In Toronto, Canada. We recognize this Initiative as contributing to the multiplication of CB churches in the country of Canada.

8. CBAP would Initiate meetings with CB Taiwan to explore the possibility of a cooperative effort to reach the Filipino migrant workers In Taiwan.

9. CB of Taiwan will further explore the possibility of sending short-term health care workers to the CB mission hospital In Kalimantan, Indonesia. 

Furthermore, we express our appreciation to the following people who made the CBGiobal conference meaningful, namely:

• To Leilani Humble and her praise and worship team and to Rev. Adelle Vitaliz for ushering us to the presence of the lord;

• To Pastor Richard Cheng, Rev. Larry Pabiona, Rev. Katsutoshllto and Dr. Narry Santos, for Inspiring us with their ministry of the Word;

• To Dr. Gene Wood for sharing with us an essay read by Dr. Ben Brown on the phenomena of "glocal" churches;

• To Rev. Noel Pantoja for sharing with us his vision of expanding the ministry of CB churches among the diospora peoples;

• To Dr. Kevin Humble for challenging CBGlobal to the needs of the LEP's;

• To Rev. Sumbut Yermianto for sharing with us the PiBI practice and experience;

• To Dr. Stephen LeBar for sharing with us the organizational growth of CBAmertca. We express concern over the accident he met during the conference, even as we pray for his quick recovery;

• To Dr. Ben and Janice Brown for their encouraging presence;

• To Rev. Jeff Denlinger and Rev. Marty and Denise Shaw for the presence of WorldVenture partners;

• To CB Indonesia and their businessmen friends for their excellent hospitality in hosting the 2"" CB Global conference.

• To Dr. Rene Atienza for his able leadership In facilitating the partnership dynamics among the CB association members of CBGiobal, and in convening the CBGiobal conference.

• To all member countries of CBGiobai for their wholehearted support as expressed in the sending of their delegates to this conference.

• Above all, to our God who enabled us to come together for a time of worship, sharing and planning, and fellowship.

Done in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ at lnno Putrl lnternotionol Hotel in Bali, Indonesia, 20 of October, 2006.

3rd CB Global Conference
June 26·30, 2008
Hong Kong

Pressing On ... Together!


As believers in Jesus Christ united across national boundaries by a rich heritage of core beliefs, relationships and values that have shaped our doctrinal and spiritual heritage; As believers in Jesus Christ who Intend to create and preserve a legacy that will be a blessing to the present generation, which can be passed on to the next. We affirm that the relationships we have formed transcending national borders has been made possible only by the common faith we share in the finished work of Christ, and that the relationships we have established based upon this common ground Is one of our foremost values.

We further affirm the commitment to strengthen and build up the CBGlobal community as a covenant community; ·

We affirm the aspiration and commitment to strengthen and extend the scope of the CBGlobal family far beyond its present scope and membership.

We further endeavor by God's enabling, that while we celebrate our cultural diversities, we shall continually aspire towards a worldwide intercultural ethos where we are united as one in Christ, being reminded by Paul that through Christ, we all have access to the Father by one Spirit (Ephesians 2:18), that we are now "fellow citizens with God's people and members of God's household, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone" (Ephesians 2:19-20}.

Therefore, having been led by the Spirit of God to agree as a spiritual community on the following resolutions, we hereby ask His enabling to implement the following agreements:

1. CBAmerica shall facilitate a discussion on doctrines, polity, vision, mission, vision and programs.

2. CB Hong Kong and Philippines shall partner together to initiate a CBGiobal Youth Conference.

3. CB Hong Kong and Philippines shall partner together to initiate a CBGiobal Women's Conference.

4. CBGlobal shall continue sending and receiving Short-Term Missions (STM) teams to each other's countries, such as (but not limited to):

a. CB Hong Kong shall send STM Teams to both Japan and Indonesia in 2008.

b. CB Indonesia shall host a Short Term Youth team In July 2009.

c. CB Japan Intends to send a team to Mongolia in August 2008 and Indonesia In 2009.

d. CB Taiwan Intends to send a Short Term Missions Team overseas to CBGiobal members, and invites other CBGiobal members (particularly from English speaking countries) to send STM Teams Into Taiwan.

e. CB Philippines shall send a. STM team to Indonesia and receive STMs from other countries.

f. CBAmerica through CB Filipino Fellowship In Northern California Is prayerfully considering sending STM teams to Asia.

g. Other ongoing or planned STM trips In the near future.

5. CBGiobal shall partner together In pastoral education and development by:
a. Sharing human resources, such as qualified mentors, educators, trainers, and professors.
b. Pastoral exchange or internships among each other's countries
c. Developing competence criteria for both pastoral and lay leadership (to be Initially drafted by the Philippines).CBGiobal Leaders Meeting- 2015, Dhaka 18

6. CBGiobal agrees to pursue Initiatives to connect with and minister to expatriates such as (but not limited to):
a. Chinese expatriates In Indonesia
b. Filipino expatriates In Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore
c. Indonesian expatriates in Hong Kong and Taiwan
d. Asian expatriates In Canada
e. CBGlobal expatriates In the U.S.A.

7. CBGlobal agrees to pursue mercy ministry Initiatives among its member countries, such as (but not limited to):
a. Donation of durable medical equipment, e.g. ongoing wheelchair donations from Japan
b. Disaster response teams
c. Sharing of medical professionals, e.g. from the Philippines to Kalimantan

8. CBGlobal shall establish an interactive web site, with the following Intentions, among others:
a. Prayer exchange
b. Information exchange
c. Best-practices sharing
d. Credit card donations
Rev. Nicky Joya shall be spearheading this Initiative.

9. CBGlobal shall register as a non-profit organization In the Philippines and subsequently open a bank

10. CBGlobal national directors shall meet In the Intervening years between global conferences.

11. CBGlobal shall create a Strategic Planning Committee with the following core: Chair - Dr. Steve Lebar;
Rev. Noel Pantoja (member), Dr. Rene Atienza (ex-officio). This committee shall Include discussions about budgeting and finance as part of its agenda.

12. CBGlobal shall continually exert effort to Invite other CB associations to Its fellowship.

13. CBGlobal shall encourage member associations to Initiate church planting efforts In countries where CB is not yet present, working alongside other agencies especially with WorldVenture.

14. The next CBGlobal conference shall be hosted by Taiwan In 2010.

We gratefully acknowledge the progress of the CB national associations in the partnership agreements reached since and before the Ball Conference In 2006:

CB Hong Kong Meeting

CB Hong Kong Meeting

  • CBHK (Hong Kong) sending short term teams to both Japan and Indonesia In 2008.
  • Domie (CB Japan) establishing a partnership with the lakeside Church of Folsom, CA (CBAmerica), sending missionaries to multiple countries including Macau, and welcoming four teachers from CBAmerlca.
  • WorldVenture Macau welcoming short term worker Nobue Konno from Japan.
  • CB Phillppines and CBAmerica partnering in meetings for Filipino churches in Northern and Southern California and witnessing the development of the Good Shepherd Church in Springfield, NJ.
  • CB Filipino Fellowship in Northern California having been organized, and is coordinated by Mr. Butch Cabalu.
  • CB Philippines, through the ministry of Greenhills Christian Fellowship, having launched two CB congregations in Toronto and Peel, Canada
  • Two Filipino pastors having visited Taiwan to explore partnerships with CB Taiwan and the Tree of life Ministries of Alan Kilgore among the Filipinos in Kaohslung.
  • Revs. Sumbut Yermlanto and Kevin Humble having ministered to and helped organize CB Bangladesh.
  • CB Phlllpplnes having sent missionaries to Pakistan, Cambodia and Singapore working with CB partners in those countries.
  • A new Filipino church Is emerging In HKG through the cooperative efforts of CB HK, CB Philippines,
  • Capitol City Baptist Church (Manila), Jubilee Church (HKG) and World Ventures, through Arrow Employment Services.

Finally we give glory to God, and give our sincerest thanks to those whom He used so powerfully in this 3rd CBGiobal Conference: 

Praise God for CB Hong Kong, particularly Chair Isaac llu, Gen. Secretary and Coordinator for Host Country- Pastor Richard Cheng
Supporting staff: Allan Lo, Aaron llu, Carey Chol, Irene Cheng, and Andrew Chan and all the hardworking CB Hong Kong Volunteers
All CB HK churches

Praise the Lord for the Conference Speakers and reporters~
-For the powerful and challenging messages of Drs. Steve Lebar and Ben Brown.
-For the inspirational morning devotions of Reverends Paul Mayhugh and Sum but Yermianto.
-For the insightful reports of:
• Dr. Mark Hoeffner and Rev. Sum but Yermianto -Lay Leadership Development
• Revs. Mike Jih and Nicky Joya - Pastoral Development
• Revs. John Houlette and Sumbut Yermianto- Missions
• Tracy Early- Womens Ministry
• Rev. Andrew Pang -Youth Ministry
For the wonderful challenge given by Dr. Jorge de Ramos at the CB Hong Kong Youth Rally.

We praise the Lord for Van Yu Church In allowing us the use of their facilities during the whole conference, for Jubilee Church for hosting one of our dinners, and the Baptist University Dormitory for accommodating most of our participants.

We praise God for the special participation of Chaplain Johnny Cometa (CBAmerica and Japan), Rev. Rodney Collison (South Africa), and John lngole (India).

We also thank Grace For Asia for hosting the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) Appreciation Day as well as those who stayed and served as counselors.

Our gratitude to Rev. Nicky Joya In producing the Conference Manual, IDs and in doing much of the documentation.

Glory to God for the ceaseless and untiring leadership of Dr. Rene Atienza at the CBGlobal.

Presented by the Resolutions Committee on June 30, 2008 and voted unanimously by the whole Conference.

RESOLUTIONS COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Chair: larry Pablona, Richard Cheng, Sum but Yermianto, John Houlette, Paul Mayhugh, Noel Pantoja, Mike Jlh, Steve LeBar

CB Global Council Meeting 2009

International Baptist Church
King's Road, Singapore
June 18-19, 2009
Minutes of the Meeting
June 18. 2009
Present: Richard Cheng (CB Hongkong), Stephen LeBar (CB America), Wu Chin Ming (CB Taiwan), Sumbut
Yermlanto (CBIndonesia), Kevin Humble {CB Indonesia), Noel Pantoja (CB Philippines), Mark Sosmena (CB
Also Present: Rene Atienza (CBGlobal Convenor), Nicky Joya (CBGlobal Secretary)
1. Welcome: Rene Atienza welcomed the various country representatives to the CBGlobal Leaders'Meeting and thanked them for taking time and effort to attend the event. Each member then, introduced himself, and gave a short description of himself and his ministry.
2. Opening Prayer was made by Kevin Humble.
3. Agenda: Rene Atienza pointed the delegates to the agenda for the meeting and asked them if they had questions or wanted to add anything to it. Noting that there was none, the meeting proceeded.
4. Historical Perspective: Rene Atienza shared about the beginning and progression of CBGlobal until the present (via power point presentation). He then reminded the group about resolutions that were agreed upon at the most recent CBGlobal Conference held In Hong Kong on June 26-30, 2008.
a. In that highly successful Hong Kong conference, it was agreed that CBGiobal be incorporated in the Philippines (Note: Resolution No. 9, Hong Kong Conference: "CBGlobal shall register as a non-profit organization In the Philippines and subsequently open a bank account.").
b. Steps to register CBGlobal, Inc. were Initiated after the conference. An Initial Board of Trustees was formed In the Philippines on September 24, 2008. The following individuals were elected by those present to be officers of CBGlobal, Inc.: President, Rene Atienza; Vice Presidents, Richard Cheng (1st VP), and Nelson Petlnes (2nd VP); Treasurer, Efren Quejada and Secretary, Nicky Joya.
c. A dollar bank account was opened with the Bank of Philippine Island located along West Avenue In Quezon City temporarily In the names of the elected President and Treasurer pending the official incorporation of CBGlobal.
The amount of$ 3,692.00 was deposited as sourced from the following:
1) CB HK Conf. Net Income - $1,642.00
2) CB HK Conf. Offering 550.00
3) Marine Memorial Chapel 1,500.00
TOTAL· $3,692.00
d. Further, In pursuant of the resolution to Incorporate, Stephen LeBar was appointed to form a task force that would draft the Bylaws of CBGlobal, Inc.
e. This meeting of CBGloballeadershlp Team Is intended primarily to review, revise and accept the proposed Bylaws.
5. The proposed Bylaws submitted by Stephen LeBar were reviewed and revised by the members present.
6. Noel Pantoja, Mark Sosmeiia and Nicky Joya were appointed by those present to refine and submit a 2"d draft on the next day when the meeting resumes.
The meeting was adjourned for the day.
June 19. 2009
Note: The meeting was resumed this day with Mike Jih of CB Taiwan joining after arriving the night before.
1. Singing and Morning Devotions: Rene Atienza led the group In singing the hymn, ''To God Be the Glory"; Stephen LeBar gave an exhortation based on Psalm 107. We were reminded that the Lord Is the One who transforms us to His Image and that He uses various events in our lives to accomplish this purpose. The psalm exhorts us to "give thanks to the Lord for His unfailing love and His wonderful deeds" for us.
2. Resumption of the Meeting: The more refined (second) draft of the Bylaws was read point by point and further revised. Finally, at 1:56 P.M., the final form of the Bylaws was accepted (see attached Bylaws).
2009-LT-01 MOTION PREVAILED THAT the Bylaws presented by Stephen LeBar and revised by those present in this meeting be officially adopted as the CBGlobal Bylaws.
MOTION FURTHER PREVAILED THAT the absent members of the Leadership Team, CB Japan and CB Macau, be furnished with a
copy of the CBGlobal Bylaws, awaiting their affirmation of the aforementioned document up to July 31, 2009.
Note: The proposal was moved by CB Philippines and seconded by CB America. CB Indonesia ond CB Hongkong voted to accept the proposal, while CB Taiwan's decision is placed on hold pending the decision of its national board by July 31, 2009.  

MOTION PREVAILED THAT the officers of the Board of Trustees elected at the meeting of CBGiobal, Inc. in the Philippines-Rene
Atienza (Chairman), Richard Cheng (1st Vice Chairman) and Nicky Joya (Secretary), be retained.
MOTION FURTHER PREVAILED THAT Noel Pantoja and Stephen LeBar be appointed as Treasurer and 2"d Vice Chairman,
respectively, to complete the Board of Trustees.
MOTION FINALLY PREVAILED THAT CB Japan and CB Macau be furnished with the list of elected officers awaiting their affirmation till July 31, 2009.
a. The proposal was moved by CB Philippines and seconded by CB Indonesia. CB America and CB Hong kong voted to accept the proposal, while CB Taiwan's decision Is placed on hold pending the decision of its national board by July 31, 2009. 
b. Sincere thanks and commendation were given to the CB Taiwan representatives for showing concern for the approval of their fellow leaders' affirmation and support. Commitment was made to be more sensitive to such cultural distinctiveness.
2009-LT-03 MOTION PREVAILED THAT CBGlobal extends Its most sincere appreciation to the following:
1) Dr. Stephen LeBar in coming up with the draft of the Bylaws as mandated by the CBGlobal Assembly held In Hongkong.
2) Arthur and Kay loke for sponsoring the accommodations of the delegates at the Metropolitan YMCA.
3) Maureen Lee for making the preparations for the meeting.
4) Dr. Ben Brown and the International Baptist Church In Singapore
for hosting the CBGlobal Leaders' Meeting.
3. Discussions were made regarding preparations for the CBGlobal Conference in Taiwan next year,
CB Taiwan Is excited about hosting the conference.
The most likely dates for the next conference Is Nov. 11-15, 2010.
4. The Hong Kong Conference Resolutions were reviewed and updates given on their progress.
5. Closing Challenge and Prayer: Ben Brown ..... Strengths of each one
The meeting was adjourned at 5:08 P.M., moved by Mark Sosmeiia and seconded by Stephen LeBar.
After the meeting, US$ 1,000.00 was donated by CB Taiwan to CBGloballn fulfillment of the commitment it
made In the Hong Kong Conference. Praise God!
Recorded by: Nicky Joya
Secretary Attested by: Rene Atienza, Convenor


4th CBGlobal Conference

Advancing Kingdom Work Together in Light of Today's Realities
Wuchang Conservative Baptist Church, Kaohstung, Taiwan
October 6-9, 2010

Affirming our common heritage as Conservative Baptists and commitment to the values and aspirations stated in the previous CBGlobal Conferences ...
We Praise God for His Wonderful ACCOMPLISHMENTS through Us:
CBGlobal celebrates the progress of the partnership agreements made in its most recent conference in Hong Kong in 2008.
1. CB America's successful facilitation of discussions on doctrines, polity, vision, mission, vision and programs.
2. The partnership of CB Hong Kong and CB Philippines In Initiating a CBGlobal Youth Conference held in the Philippines in 2009.
3. The continuous sending and receiving of Short-Term Missions (STM) teams to each other's countries,
such as: CB Hong Kong STM teams to Japan and Indonesia; and CB Japan STM team to Mongolia and Indonesia.
4. The continuous partnership of various CBGlobal members In pastoral education and development. 
5. The Initiatives to connect with and minister to migrants such as: Filipino migrants In Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore; Indonesian migrants In Hong Kong and Taiwan; Asian migrants in Canada and Japan; and CBGlobal migrants in the U.S.A.
6. The mercy ministry Initiatives among Its member countries, such as: donation of wheelchairs to Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Ghana, and Philippines by CB Japan; and financial aid from CB America, CB Taiwan and CB Hong Kong to CB Philippines to. help typhoon victims.
7. The Initiative to set up an Interactive web site for CBGlobal with the commitment to maximize its use for prayer and Information exc;hange, and to provide valuable resources for pastoral and church development (www.cbglobal.org).
8. The registration of CBGlobal as a non-profit organization In the Philippines and the opening of a bank account.
9. The first meeting of the different CB national directors In Singapore In 2009 to discuss the proposed CBGlobal By-laws as created by the Strategic Planning Committee composed of Or. Steve Lebar, Rev. Rene Atienza and Rev. Noel Pantoja.
10. The efforts made to Invite other CB associations to its fellowship, such as In Italy, latin American countries, India, and African countries.
11. The continuous encouragement made to member associations to Initiate church planting efforts in countries where CB is not yet present.
12. The successful holding of the CBGlobal conference in Taiwan. 

We Make the Following ACTIONS:
1. To ratify the CBGlobal By-laws as presented, respecting the request of CB Japan to translate the document into their national language for further study, and allowing other member nations the freedom to propose amendments before the next CBGlobal Council meeting in 2011.
2. To recognize CB Hong Kong and CB Macao as Regular Members, as an exception to the provision on Membership, they being charter members of CBGlobal.
3. To declare the election of Dr. Jim Smith of CB America as First Vice-President In place of Dr. Steve Lebar.
4. To consider holding the next CBGlobal Council meeting on October 11-14,2011 in Guangzhou, China or Guam.
Note: Richard Cheng to assess the viability of holding it in China, and Jim Smith for Guam.
5. To consider holding the next CBGlobal Congress in October 2012 In Macau or the Philippines.
Note: It will be CB Macau's 25th Anniversary and
CB Phillippines' 50th Anniversary that year.
6. To consider holding the 6th CBGlobal Congress in Japan in 2014.
Note: It will be CB Japan's 50th Anniversary that year.
7. To Improve the readiness of member nations to respond to disasters by:
a) Immediately mobilizing prayer warriors
b) Creating Disaster Response Teams
c) Setting up calamity funds,
d) Training members to know how to respond to disasters, and
e) Building partners and networks to assist during disasters.
8. Other Agreements:
a. CB HK and CBAP agree to work together In reaching the Nosu people of China.
b. CB America (North California Region) through the Initiative of Butch Cabalu will send STMers to
HK and Philippines.
c. CBGlobal will explore the possibility of providing travel subsidy to needy delegates of future
CBGlobal Conferences.
We Extend our Most Sincere APPRECIATION to the Following:
1. To CB Taiwan led by Revs. Amos Young (President), Chin Ming Wu, Mike Jih, and Barry Owen for excellently hosting the 41h CBGiobal Conference making this event a truly wonderful experience. Further, we extend our appreciation to the CB Taiwan pastors who showed their full support through their presence.
2. To CB Taiwan Worship Teams for leading the worship during the conference.
3. To Revs. Joseph Lee and Chin Ming Wu for coordinating the transportation of the delegates.
4. To all the hard working volunteers of CB Taiwan who made our stay In Kaohsiung a truly pleasant one.
5. To Wuchang Conservative Baptist Church led by Its Senior Pastor, Rev. John Cheng for their very gracious hospitality, allowing CBGlobal the use of its facilities for the conference, catering our meals, arranging our hotel accommodations and efficiently assisting our delegates.
6. To the reliable sound and audio-visual technicians of Wuchang Conservative Baptist Church who assisted us during the entire conference.
7. To Revs. John Kuo, Mike Jlh, Richard Cheng, John Houlette and Sis. Doris Chau for translating for the delegates.
8. To Lees Hotel for providing the delegates with special discount rates.
9. To those who gave insightful country reports: Revs. Jim leary (CB America), Richard Cheng (CB Hong Kong), Kellchl Mort (CB Japan), Joshua Sin (CB Macao), Noel Pantoja (CB Philippines), and Mike Jlh (CB Taiwan).
10. To the devotional speakers who led us In our morning spiritual reflection: Revs. John Cheng and Keilchi Mort.
11. To the speakers who gave powerful messages during the various modules:
• Module on Organizational Development: Reflecting on and Learning from Various CB Growth Models-Rev. Jim Leary (CB America), Rev. Richard Cheng (CB Hong Kong) and Noel Pantoja (CB Philippines).
• Module on leadership Development: Raising Up leaders by Dr. Jim Smith.
• Module on Migration and Missions: Reaching Migrant Peoples within CBGlobal Nations by Pastor Mark Sosmena.
• Module on UPGs: Partnerlng Together In Missions by Rev. Russ Simons.
• Module on Disaster Response: Responding to Calamities and Needs as a CBGiobal Family by Rev.
Noel Pantoja.
13. To the new members of the CBGiobal Council: Revs. Jim Smith, Jim leary, Keilchi Morl, Hidenorl Yanagihara, Joshua Sin and Mr. Tang Kam Yuen.
14. To Rev. Noel Pantoja who gave the Treasurer's report.
15. To Rev. Nicky Joya who made the manuals and documentation of the conference.
16. To Dr. Rene Atienza for his competent and steadfast leadership of CBGlobal. 

Presented by the Resolutions Committee on October 9, 2010.
Resolutions Committee Members:
Chair: Mark Sosmena
Sec: Nicky Joya
HK: Richard Cheng and Tang Kam Yuen
JPN: Keikhi Mori, Hldenori Yanagihara and John Houlette
MO: Joshua Sin
PH: Noel Pantoja
TW: MikeJih
USA: James leary

2nd CBGlobal Council Meeting
Great Love Church, Macau
November 16-18, 2011

1. Motion prevailed that we instruct Nicky Joya to make the cbglobal.org website functional and add all important links.
2. Motion prevailed that we assign Rev. Mike Jlh (leader) and Rev. Nicky Joya to create a compendium of the history of CBs that would be a valuable resource to help CBs understand their roots. Pastor Mark Sosmena volunteered to print the material.
3. Motion prevailed that we have Rev. Rene Atienza create a small group composed of representatives from various association to make a study of Japan's proposal.
4. Motion further prevailed that we positively consider CB Japan's proposed amendments with much appreciation and affirm them for their contribution.
5. Motion prevailed that we accept the financial report of the President with much appreciation.
Motion prevailed that the next CBGlobal Congress be held in the Philippines coinciding with its 50th Anniversary celebration on November 30, 2012 (Friday).
Therefore target dates for the conference Is from Tuesday, November 27 evening to November 30, Friday noon time in 2012.
Motion further prevailed that to encourage more delegates to attend the congress, that promotional materials be made, uploaded on the website and distributed.
Election of Board of Trustees. A suggestion was made by the President-to retain the present BOT of CBGlobal, Inc. in light of the action concerning the suggestion of CB Japan. See 2011-CBG-03.
6.Motion prevailed that we retain the present BOT of the CBGlobal, Inc. In light of the study of the bylaws (2011-cBGMP-03).
7.Motion prevailed that we extend our most sincere appreciation to Great love Church for hosting our CBGlobal Council meeting in cooperation with the two other CB churches In Macau.
8. Motion further prevailed that we extend our appreciation to Rev. Richard Cheng for coordinating the hosting of the meeting with the help of Rev. Joshua Sin, and other CB Macau leaders.
9. Motion prevailed that we convey our appreciation to Rev. Jim Smith, Rev. Keiichl Morl, Rev. Noel Pantoja and Rev. Jorge de Ramos for Inspiring us with messages from the Word.
10. Motion prevailed that we appreciate all the delegates who attended the CBGlobal Council meeting.
11. Motion further prevailed that we convey our appreciation to all the CB national leaders who were Involved with CBGliobal in the past.
12. Motion prevailed that we appreciate our President, Rev. Rene Atienza, for efficiently facilitating the council meeting.

5th CBGlobal Conference
legend VUias, Pioneer Road, Mandaluyong City, Philippines
November 27-30,2012

CB America: Jim Smith, Vicky Smith, Pat Phinney, Ron Fermin, Allee Fermin, Elmer Seisa, Ghia Seisa, Butch Cabalu, Dalia Cabalu. CB Philippines: Noel Pantoja, Rey Avante, Jun Cordova, Russel Atonson, Brent Ralston. CB Hong kong: leo Fung, Allan lo, KY Tang, Henry Vim, louisa Wong. CB Japan: John Houlette, Yoshihiro Kurita. CB Macau: Richard Cheng. CB Taiwan: John Cheng, David Chen, Peter Dodd. World Venture: Marty Shaw, Denise Shaw Also Present: Rene Atienza (President), Nicky Joya (Secretary)
1. Appreciative Inquiry. The CBGlobal Council spent time assessing and praising God for its accomplishments the past seven years of its existence with the use of the Appreciative Inquiry method. This was led by Ms. Raquel Vylma Ovalles, an experienced facilitator and trainer. The major output of the evaluation was the Vision and Mission Statements of CBGlobal. 
2. CB Japan Tsunami Report: A report was given by Rev. Yoshihiro Kurita on the aftermath of the tsunami disaster In Japan and the cooperative efforts made by CBGlobal in response to the disaster. CB Japan was appreciated for its thorough report.
3. Journey Corps: Brent Ralston and Juti Cordova gave a presentation on Journey Corps-"a new effort to develop young adults in missions for missions." Journey Corps-Philippines will play an active part In the Conservative Baptist Association of the Philippines (CBAP) Vision 2025, part of which is to plant 2025 churches by 2025. The vision is to encourage transformation of whole communities through the message, heart and work of Christ, through partnerships with CBAP and other ministry partners. Many opportunities exist for Journeyers to work with the local church to strengthen the body of Christ and reach out to Asia's "least reached people groups" In the name of Christ in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Possibility: American and Asian (from various CB countries) teens working together in reaching out least reached people groups In Asia. American, Filipinos and other Asians to spend 1-2 years in short term
Discussion: Taiwan-difficulty of getting young people to take 1 year off since they are expected to get jobs as soon as they finish studies. Perhaps after the teen's military service. USA- Challenge of recruiting young people In churches.

4. Business Meeting Proper
a. Vision and Mission Statements.
Motion Prevailed that we accept the following statement as the new Vision of CBGlobal:
"For the glory of God, CBGlobal is a strategic partnership among Conservative Baptist national church associations and fellowshipping groups cooperating to strengthen each other In fulfilling the Great Commission of our lord Jesus Christ."
Motion Further Prevailed that we also accept the following as the CBGlobal Mission Statement:
To accomplish this vision, we:
• Foster unity among the members through mutual trust and encouragement.
• Facilitate cooperative efforts through the sharing of resources.
• Focus the represented local churches on the Great Commission through church planting, evangelism and leadership development.
b. Potential New Membership. We have received report from Jim Smith about local churches in Central America who desire to join CBGlobal. Further, Marty Shaw reports also about churches started by CBs In Bangladesh are likewise interested In joining CBGlobal.
In view of their expressed desire, Motion Prevailed that we invite the group of CB churches in Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Belize and Panama ), and the group .of CB churches In Bangladesh to be official members of
Motion Further Prevailed that we also extend an official invitation for the groups in Myanmar, Italy and South Africa to be members of CBGlobal.
c. Executive Director/Coordinator. In view of the results of the Appreciative Inquiry (CBGlobal entering a new phase), it is time to have a Coordinator who would monitor the various partnership agreements forged (See Artide VIII, B. 4 of Memorandum of Understanding). He will work hand-in-hand with the President, facilitate communication among country leaders, among others. He will be a volunteer worker and not be salaried. Butch Cabalu (CB America) was suggested by Ron Fermin (CB America) and affirmed by the group of leaders.
Motion Prevailed that Butch Cabalu (CB America) be appointed as Coordinator of CBGobal.
d. Next CBGobal Council Meeting: This is set for 2014. In the last Council Meeting in Macau, Japan was
suggested as a possible venue since CB Japan will be celebrating its 50th Founding Anniversary. The
date will be on September 12-15, 2014. About$ 400 would have to be raised by each participant as
registration to this meeting.
Motion Prevailed that the next CBGlobal Meeting be held on September 12-14, 2014 in Japan to coincide with the 50th Anniversary celebration of CB Japan.
e. Election of Officers. An election for officers of the CBGlobal Council was held. The present officers
were asked if they were willing to continue their position. The following agreed to stay on for
another term:
Chairman: Rene Atienza
1st Vice Chairman: Jim Smith
The following positions were not yet filled but a meeting would be held to decide on these:
2nd Vice Chairman: Nominees: John Cheng, Noel Pantoja, RonFermin, Rey Avante, David Chen, Leo Fung, Butch Cabalu
Secretary: Nominees: Rey Avante, Peter Dodd, Ron Fermin, Butch Cabalu
Treasurer: Nominees: John Houlette, Rey Avante, Noel Pantoja
f. Other Matters.
Motion Prevailed that CBGiobal expresses Its congratulations to the new President of World Venture and commitment to strengthen relations with World Venture.
Meeting was adjourned at 12:15 P.M. on November 30, 2012.
Recorded by:NickyJoya, Secretary
Attested by: Rene Atienza, President

Isaiah 54:2-3
CB Yan Yu Church, Hong Kong
October 28-31, 2017


 Started at 4:00 PM in City View Hotel (YMCA)
 Doris and her team did an awesome job of having everyone go through a smooth and highly
organized registration of all delegates.
 When everyone have been accounted for, a group photo was taken at the hotel lobby after
which everyone walked with excitement towards CB Yan Yun Church. The casual walk brought
more personal interaction and catching up as pairs or small group pass through busy Nathan
Road during the rush hour.
Welcome Dinner
 The place for dinner was already prepared when we reached the 21 st floor of the building.
Everyone one felt so welcomed as dinner was served and further fellowship during dinner
naturally occurred.
Opening Session
 The “Opening Session” started 15 minutes earlier than planned. A simple, deep and heartfelt
hymn was sung as Rev. Jorge De Ramos perfectly accompanied the group with a guitar. A small
technical sync issue between computers and projectors surfaced but was quickly solved by the
hosts technical team.
 Rev. Reynaldo Avante welcomed delegates from different nations. He encouraged and
presented everyone the theme of the meeting “Enlarge Your Territory.”
 Furthermore, the group was formally and graciously welcomed by the hosting pastor, Rev. Isaac
Liu. An exhortation was done with emphasis from our theme verses – Isaiah 54:2-3.
 The need for the delegates to be reminded why we are meeting and the must of a shared vision
was explained and presented by Rev. Rene Atienza. Summarizing the history of CB Global
throughout the years and explaining key events and decisions that transpired in different
meeting and conferences of CB Global.
 The goal of CB Global and agreements, put together by delegates during the past meetings, was
also presented. The 2012 meeting resolutions have landmarks that were emphasized as pivotal
in moving forward together.
 To rally the younger leadership involvement, the resolutions Tagaytay City 2016 conference was
mentioned and capsulized.
 The purposes of different CB Global gathering (Conference and Leaders Meeting) was redefined
to focus further towards accomplishing the CB Global mission, vision and goals.
 Rev. Atienza connected and enlightened the delegation by connecting present theme in his
presentation. Small groups of 2-3 were formed to pray for the leaders meeting and the nations.
Rev. De Ramos closed the prayer time by praying for the whole group.
Doris, before dismissing the group, reminded the group with what will transpired tomorrow.

Day 2 – Macau 30 th Anniversary
Day 3
1. Praise and Worship
2. Devotion by Rev. Jim Smith
3. Prayer for the Nations:
a. USA
b. Bangladesh
c. Hong Kong
4. Group Facilitation: by Dr. Jorge De Ramos
a. Discovering
b. Dreaming
c. Designing
d. Delivering

Group Facilitations 1
1. DISCOVERING: Using metacards and a marker, answer the following questions. Form 6 groups
and share what each has written.
a. What is our “tent”?
b. What do we thank God for with CBGlobal?
c. What are the strengths of CBGlobal?
d. What keeps CBGlobal going?
Group reports
i. Group 1 - Jim Smith
ii. Group 2 - Andrew
iii. Group 3 - Mark
iv. Group 4 - Kazuki
v. Group 5 - Vicky
vi. Group 6 – John
P. Richard and P. Daniel sorted and summarized the metacards output. Rev. Jorge de
Ramos gave his summary statement as well.


a. What would a large tent (CBGlobal) look like?
b. Describe a CBGlobal “large tent”.
c. How do we see God move CBGlobal?
d. If we will go the extra mile (kilometer), where would we go?
Group reports:

i. Grp 1 - Jim. Collaboration and working together. Sharing of best ideas. Sharing
of pastors and workers.
ii. Grp 2 – Violet. Winning souls, e.g. aged people concern. Youth – raise the
younger gen and recognize their contributions. Promote disciple making. Invite

more national association to join. Go to where there is no CB. Pastoral training
program. CBGlobal international conference.
iii. Grp 3 – Mark. A dream of building the house of God fully develop.
Reaching the nations beyond us and in us. Multiplication of disciples, house
churches and churches. Develop the next generation to leadership. Prayer and
iv. Grp 4 – Kazuki. Sharing more resources to each other. More salvation.
More churches planted. Clearer purpose of CBGlobal.
v. Grp 5 – Vicky. Visit each other more to meet the needs. Invite other nations for
a larger tent (other continents). Focus in training and equipping our youth and
allowing them to do more. Taking mission trips with our young people.
vi. Grp 6 – John. More bridging and networking. Resources. Innovative
ideas. Prayer needs.
Summary: Frank, Rose and Ruth volunteered to put together the cards. They came up
with four major categories.
1. BRIDGE: Collaboration between ministries
2. BUILD: Building up the unity and helping one another.
3. EXTEND: More countries and nations to belong. Partnering with other countries and
more joining from Africa, Europe and other continents.
4. EXPAND: Discovering the nations and reaching out.
Rev. Rene Atienza shared his desire to relinquish his position as a leader and the older
generation must equip and allow the younger generation to lead and be empowered.
“Success without a successor is not a success.” – John Maxwell. Quoted by Frank
Pardue. Kazuki shared that he was so encouraged to hear what Rev. Atienza shared.
Vicky further reminded that we have to have younger leaders in our church or around us
to be involved. Ptr. Richard Cheng, emphasized “immigration of pastor” to a church who
are in more need for a pastor.
3. DESIGNING: What strategies?
1. How do we reach the dream?
2. How are we going to resource these?
3. What are the changes we need to make?
4. What do we need to focus?

Group Reports:
1. Group 1 – Jim.
a. Bridge, tell stories.
b. Build: have a network share what is happening.
c. Extend: help them if we find a need. Build in the line within the need.
d. Extend: invite other countries to come.
2. Group 2 – Violet.
a. Bridge: Have a coordinator. ASAP.
b. Build: Collaborative effort on leadership development, including the youth.
CB International Conference, 2020.
c. Extend: Partnership and networking in church planting. Human resources,
like retired pastors who can go.
d. Expand: Financial support. HK$ 400 plus as seed money. Note: they passed
out an offering bag to collect donations.

3. Group 3 – Mark. “What is” to go to the “what ought to be.” What needs to be
added, to stay, to go, to change.
a. Bridge & Build: Request from World Venture data from the beginning.
Where did we had, and we have work around the globe.
b. Extend: Connect the discovered nation to a near CB nation. Have a
communication coordinator.
c. Expand: They need to host the “new” nation until they want to be part of
4. Group 4 – Kazuki.
a. Bridge: Send missionaries or groups to other countries. Maybe other
countries can help other countries and send them to another country. Invite
other countries to speak to your own country and share what God is doing
to other countries.
b. Build: Focus on raising the next generation.
c. Extend: simply sending people to other countries.
5. Group 5 – Vicky.
a. Build: One CB trip to other countries, Philippines to think of one trip to
another, and so on.
b. Build: Pastor from one country to help train and teach in other countries.
c. Extend. Each involved country to bring at least one young leader to the next
CBGlobal leaders.
d. Expand: forming strong prayer group. Share prayer request regularly and
6. Group 6 – Frank.
a. Bridge: Minority groups are all over Asia. Identify diaspora group and
helping them.

b. Build: Learning to celebrate our unity in Christ. Finding ways to visit and
understand countries in a global scale. Develop relationships across each
other. The next generation leaders with congress. Think of bigger scale and
give avenue for them to work together. Also, opportunity of theological
education. Bilinguals, help them.
c. Expand: Go to freer countries where they can go and have the training they
d. Extend: Working with other partners and maximize connections and
connect them. Didn’t get to Expanding.

Rev. Rene Atienza suggested that Doris be the CBGlobal coordinator. Mark suggested that the
leadership should meet first and talk to Doris to hear her side.

4. DELIVER: What are action plans?
Meeting of Elected Officers
Present are the following: Dr. Reynaldo Avante, Dr. Jim Smith, Dr. Frank Pardue, Rev. John Kuo, Rev.
Yukimasa Otomo and Rev. Randolph Velasquez.
Suggested Action Points:
1. All officers will come up with their own Job Description by the end of November 2018.
2. Identify a representative for each national/regional network who will act as the point person for
3. Every national/regional network will send next generation leaders in the CBGlobal Conference
4. Have a lists of existing website linked to CBGlobal website. Create one if you don’t have one.
5. Strengthen prayer by sharing praise items and requests every last day of the month.
6. The next CBGlobal Conference will be in October 18-21, 2018.
7. Invite other regional network through World Venture and other national/regional network.
8. Keep record of what God is doing through your regional network and share it to CBGlobal.


Regional Representatives:
Philippines – Dr. Reynaldo Avante
Taiwan – Rev. David Chen
Japan – Rev. Yukimasa Otomo
Bangladesh – Mr. Andrew Adhikary
Mayanmar – Re. Thwang Go Thang
Hong Kong – Mr. KY Tang
Macau – Rev. Richard Cheng will update us next week about the representative
USA – Dr. Jim Smith
Indonesia - ???
World Venture – Dr. Frank Pardue

Action points presentations additional discussion:
1. Country representatives will post their updates and prayers to CBGlobal Facebook page and Dr.
Frank Pardue will pick it up from there.
2. Next CBGlobal Conference, October 18 – 20, October 21, stay on Sunday for preaching and
attending different churches.
3. Note: change to “national/regional network.”
The Action Points was moved by Rev. Rene Atienza and seconded.
Closing Session
Pastor Rey Avante gave the final challenge from the Book of Nehemiah.
Final acknowledgement was given to those who helped made the leaders meeting successful.
Travel announcements and reminders were facilitated by Doris.
It is Ptr David’s birthday and the group sang a song for him. Ptr David Cheng gave a welcome and
invitation to everyone for 2018 CBGlobal Conference.
Closing prayer: Brother Andrew Chao
Lunch was served.